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5 Reasons to use Sexy Texting

by Ms. Meredith of www.thesexytruth.com

I know it may seem strange to have a phone sex call without the phone. You like the sound of our voices and love the way we can get you off. But sometimes conditions are not ideal for that to happen. We have the next best thing for that! We offer sexy texting! This way you won't have to utter a word and can be totally taken care of sexually.

Why would you need to text instead of call?

Lets say you're out of town, it's late at night and you're spending the night at a friends house. You are feeling a little rambunctious, frisky and downright horny. You know you can count on us to take care of that for you, but right now you just don't have the privacy. But you do have your laptop, or your cell phone which means sexual release is just a few keystrokes away.

All work and no play

Let's say you're sitting behind your desk, you've just made a major presentation successfully and you are feeling confident, happy and excited. It is the middle of the workday and there is no way you can skip out of your office before five. You have a raging hard on which has taken all of your focus. I have the solution! Just lock the door, hold all your calls, whip out your laptop and let your fingers do the stroking.

No tell Hotel

Now you are on a business trip in a hotel for a few days. The walls are paper thin and your boss is in the room next to you. You would never want him to know how much you enjoy phone sex, but you are in desperate need of release. The answer is a session with no sound, just typing and quiet orgasmic pleasure.

Not tonight, I have a headache

This one is a little naughty. Your wife has fallen asleep early and you are left with a throbbing cock. This hard on is not going away without a major stroke fest. Your laptop is on the nightstand, so you quietly get online and find us and sit back as we take care of that hard cock and send you off to dreamland satisfied and happy!

Too shy to call

Maybe you long to call and have some sexy voice talk dirty to you, but you have never done this before and you are just not sure about it. You are a bit quiet, reserved, and well ... quite frankly shy. This is the perfect answer for you! You can maintain a comfortable distance, just sit back and interact as much or as little as you want! This way you can test the waters to see what appeals to you and what kind of Mistress is best for you.

Whatever your reasons, sexy texting is just exactly that: sexy! It is a great medium to use at your discretion for your urges that are not always convenient. Now you can get off when ever you want, without a sound. Just the sound of your typing on your keyboard.


**Please make sure the Sexy Texter of your choice is available before you purchase**

Since the advent of the Internet, all those years ago, people have been looking for hot, sexy chat online. If you're a woman, you know that it's almost impossible to go into any public chat room without getting dozens of invitations to "chat dirty".

But you're not a woman...are you? No, you're a man with a strong desire to experience some live, one on one, erotic chat, right now. And you don't want to have to worry that it's a guy on the other side of the computer screen. And you don't want to waste time with chatters who send misspelled, monosyllabic words...that's just not sexy.

SexyTexting offers live, one on one conversations with intelligent, creative and open minded women who are familiar with many different areas of erotic interests. The women on our site are professional fantasists, experienced erotic storytellers, and enjoy creating an arousing written exchange.

Join our group chat, or chat one-on-one with the SexyTexter of your choice.