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Long before Goggle, Yahoo or even ICQ, virtual communication was the Bulletin Board System, or ? BBS. An advanced list serve, it was my first contact with the kinkier sides of life. Technology advanced quickly, the static BBS was replaced by interactive chat rooms found on college servers, difficult to use ? but so exciting, and worth the hunt.

Now there is a whole wide cyber world, filled with tiny communities of like-minded people. When the program MIRC was launched, the easy access and simple navigation, brought tens of thousands of humans searching for others, just like themselves.

It was in those adult chat rooms I honed my cyber skills, gathering daily with a fun group of BDSM lovers, forging friendships that last even 15 years later. We paired, partnered, and spent hours ? teasing and playing our cyber sexual games, not understanding, but accepting the real feelings that came from behind the monitors.

Even after all the years of typing nasty with strangers and friends across the globe, I still enjoy using the power of words and my twisted imagination to stimulate and excite my cyber sluts.

Are you too shy to call? Can't get away from the computer? Texting sessions are a fun alternative to a steamy phone sex sessions, and blocks of chat time can be purchased at www.sexytexting.com. Please IM empressvivian on Yahoo Messenger to confirm.