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You feel it don't you? That craving, that desire, that need to speak with me but you just can't. Maybe you're at the office, maybe you're on the train, maybe you're not alone, or maybe you're just a little bit nervous. Still, you need Ms. Jacqueline. So text me.

That's right text me from your office, or from the train, or from your living room. I know what you're thinking though. Will we be able to connect through a screen? Oh, you have no idea. The brain is our biggest sex organ, after all, so sit back and let my words wrap around your mind. I'll seduce you with sensual stories, tease you with tantalizing tales, and dominate you with words so decadent you won't be able to keep your hands off your... keyboard.

My words will take you into your deepest most sinful fantasies. Your heart will pound in your chest, you'll feel the blood rushing in your veins, as my words push your desire higher. Your cock will harden as your eyes move across the screen anticipating each word. Your fingers begin to twitch anxious to press the keys or stroke the screen. Your breath hitches as you wait for my reply. What will I say? What will I tell you to do? You're aching now. That craving, that desire, that need that started all this is burning a thousand times hotter than when our session began.

You can't focus. You canРІР‚в„ўt think of anything else except my words and the things they're doing to your mind and your body. The pleasure that you know is waiting for you at the tips of my fingers is so very close. Go ahead sexy text me.