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Introverted extroverts everywhere can agree that texting is the way to go when it comes to communication these days. Teenagers can agree that it's the best to hide sexy situations from Mum and Dad. I would know, I'm Mum to a text app fan where the text disappears 10 seconds after it's read. As a mature woman who has reunited with her inner teen, I think we should just smash the two together, turn it upside down, and have a sexty secret liaison.

Watching television doesn't require imagination like the written word does. I mean, I'm sure it's titillating watching porn, but it's nothing compared to the mental images created by reading it, not to mention writing it. Detailed descriptions of my touch and your sensations alone are enough to carry one over into sweet sexual release. As the words increase in intensity, so does the urge to stroke faster and harder. Cum feel the thrill of discussing something taboo when you can't audibly speak and then enjoy the ability to read its personalized content as often as you like, any time you like. If you're brave enough to save it that is. Cum out and play with me.