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What happens when you have to be quiet but your dick is trying to lead you astray? When you are at the office and need to talk about the fun you will be having that night with your new lover? When your wife is with her bull and you have to be quiet and not disturb them? What about when you are in the room where that glory hole is and you want to calm your first-time nerves? There are many various reasons you just may not be able to talk on the phone, and that is why I offer sexy texting sessions with you!

There is a chatroom we can use on the Sexy Texting site. You can also find me on Skype at ms.stephanieldw. If it looks like I am invisible, just shoot me an email telling me you are looking for me to do a sexy texting session, and I will respond within 15 minutes.

Obviously, you can request a session even if you are all alone and just want to type instead of talk. That's a lot of fun to do, and even helps you to type things you may be too scared to say out loud. I love texting about your secrets and getting you to admit them to me! Somehow the written word often makes that easier. Imagine, though, being in a crowd of people, a waiting room, or commuting, and having a sexy chat with your Mistress. Being naughty is fun, and now you can do it without saying a word!



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Sexy Texting Chat Is Perfect For When You’re Horny But Can’t Call


Do you find yourself horny and wishing to connect with your Mistress? But you are in a place where you must be quiet and can’t make a phone sex call? Then Sexting with one of our Sexy Texting Mistresses is just what you need!


SexyTexting Chat Sessions are $  per minute with a 10 minute minimum. Before purchasing your session, please check the Available Mistresses page to see who is available.

Once you decide which Mistress you’d like to chat with, please contact her via email or Skype (listed on her profile) to be sure she is available for a text session.

Looking to connect with both Mistresses and other like-minded individuals in a fun and playful way? You should check out our adult social network,





Got a few minutes of privacy or alone time available for an actual phone sex call? Check to see which Mistresses are available for a phone sex session.

Basically need help selecting just the right Mistress? Check out to be matched with just the right Mistress for you!