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I know there are times when you just need to be oh so naughty but can't!

Maybe you are at home and people are around, but you absolutely must share a sexy story with me! Maybe you saw me online because you were being so bad at work looking at my hot pictures! Maybe you need to look busy behind your desk, but can type! That is so hot. Maybe you are a horny college student just typing away in the library, but are needing a break from homework. I am an excellent choice for a break! I won't even make the librarian tell you to be quiet! Or maybe you are a sissy who is most comfortable texting to me about your outfits and escapades! Whichever scenario sounds most like you, you'll be happiest to know I can offer you the option to do Sexy Texting with me. It'll be our little secret.

Oh, one last thing. If we are texting and you want to be extra naughty, I would love to see you or really a certain part of you) on cam, with you quietly typing while I watch! Let?s Sexy Text! It's easy. Ask me how!