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I love the challenge of using only the written word to weave your personal world of fantasy. Oh, I realize that sometimes, the written word can leave something to be desired. Vocal intonations impart so much. But I will write the words to which you can supply the inflections and meanings that match exactly what you decide they will. You will hear them, in your mind, just exactly the way you want to hear them. I will write the words, and the images they convey will appear just as you would have them, with the aid of nothing other than the most creative tool in the universe: your own imagination.

Sexytexting is a great alternative for those who prefer just that sort of blank canvas on which to project their innermost desires. Sexytexting is perfect for those who get off on seeing, and maybe typing forbidden thoughts and words more than hearing them. Sexytexting is perfect for those whose loins and imaginations are bold, and demanding of attention, but whose voices tend to freeze when they try to share their secrets aloud. Sexytexting is great for those who have a hard time finding space and opportunity to be truly alone with their thoughts and their . . . throbbing. Sexytexting is for anyone who wants complete control of what they see, hear, and say as part of their erotic experience.

Sexytexting may be for you. Please feel free to request me for a session whenever I am available.