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You need to be controlled, to be teased, to be denied, to be owned... You want someone to talk to, someone who understands you, someone who won't judge you or laugh at you. You want to experience the full range of what the sexy ladies of the Enchantrix Empire have to offer. You want to feel the iron bands and silken threads of my control over you.

There's just one little catch... can't talk on the phone. Whether you're not alone in the house, working overtime yet again or you just plain prefer the purity and cleanliness of text on a screen, sexytexting can be your savior.

If you're thinking that words on a screen can't possibly compare to the dulcet and fevered tones of my voice, if you think there's no way I could make words zip and zing through your subconscious the same way spoken words can, if you think sexy texting can't be just as hot, scintillating and sexy as phone sex, I invite you to think again.

Stories and myths are how we all relate to each other and to the world. Telling sexy stories, weaving tales and creating entire fantasy worlds is what we all ~do~. And darling, I'm very good at telling stories. Sit down, relax, open up your mind and let me work with you to bring you a new level of control, tease, denial and sexy fun.

Sext me tonight for fantastic words, amazing stories and sexy adventures.