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Oh my love, you are such a bad boy, aren't you? You've minimized that window with all of those facts and figures, lines of code, or academic research, and you've maximized....well, I guess it's really me doing the maximizing, isn't it?

Your cock is straining against your zipper, and you're blissfully uncomfortable as you try and inconspicuously rub it against the underside of your desk.

I really wish I could see you there, trying not to draw attention to yourself as I drive you to the point of madness with my erotic teasing. Oh, you have a webcam on your laptop? Yes, I do think you need to turn that on for me; I want to watch you squirm.

And when your assistant walks in and asks you a question, oh that really is priceless watching you scoot as far under your desk as possible in order to hide that hard-on screaming for release. I'm having the time of my life toying with you, driving you to distraction as you beg me to let you rush to the bathroom and get the release you need.

But how are you ever going to get there? Every single person in the office will think you're a pervy lunatic if they see your pants tented like that--best to just sit right there until it goes down a bit. Too bad I won't allow your cock any reprieve.

You think you're going to die on the way home without me stroking your brain with my fingers. You gulp a hurried meal, nod as your significant other drones on about the lady who insulted her at the department store, take the dog out for a pee, watch the Late Show....Finally the house is quiet, and you know I'm waiting for you.

You log on with me and NOW you can finally get what you crave. You've had a semi all day long (when you weren't standing bolt upright) and your cock has been leaking in anticipation. You lock the door to your home office, slide out of those boxers, and your bare ass hits the scratchy office chair.

As soon as my words appear on the screen, your dick fills with desire and your mouth goes dry. I adore being your secret lover, the one who drives you insane, who commands your cock to obey my words.

I'm available for online chat quite often. Send me an email; even if I don't show as available there is a good chance I can find the time for you right away.

Do your cock a favor and set up a time for us to chat. I guarantee you won't regret it.