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Shhhhh! We can't be too loud or we might get caught!

There you are, just minding your business and having a pretty much normal day... And then it happens.

You are on the train, a pretty woman walks by and you get a whiff of her perfume. Like vanilla and rain. Almost immediately your imagination runs off and takes you ages away to a dimly lit room, rumpled sheets, and soft skin against your own.

At the library someone drops a book. The sound of the leather cover hitting the floor is the precise sound that your Mistress's strap makes when it lashes out against your bare ass.

At the laundromat you find a pair of panties forgotten in the dryer. The delicate lace feels divine under your finger tips and you remember the way the lace tickles your thighs when you pull your own panties on.

Isn't it funny how that cock of yours gets excited and demands attention at the most inappropriate times? Like while you are at your desk at work. Or while your sweetie sleeps next to you. Or on the train, surrounded by strangers.

Don't leave your cock twitching for attention just because you can't call. Join your Mistress in a seductively wonderful texting session. It is just as fun as our calls, and far more convenient for those inappropriate times. Together we will weave an erotic story and explore the kinkiest parts of your mind. It will all be our little secret, safe away from the ears of eavesdroppers. So tell me your desires my pet. I won't bite...unless you want me to.