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There are plenty of times you would love to talk to a mistress, but cannot pick up the phone. I completely understand. Your urges are starting to become uncontrollable, but there is no real privacy. You may be at work, a few feet away from your secretary's office or at a party with friends. None of these scenarios preclude you from being horny. As a matter of fact, being around other people can up the excitement factor.

I would love to get you hot in a room with other people or while your girlfriend sleeps right next to you. The very reason that I do sexting is for guys like you. Too busy to get online or not near a computer? All you need is a smartphone and a dirty mind! Nothing gets me wetter, than knowing you're texting back to me, while I tell you the naughtiest things in chat. Are you getting a boner while reading this? See texting does work!

For some reason, guys can be less shy when they're on a phone just pushing buttons. I call it the social media effect. I can guarantee because you are texting with me, you will get more nasty than you would on a call. Let's put that theory to the test. I'll meet you on Skype!



Sexy Texting Sexting


Sexy Texting Chat is Perfect for When You’re Horny but Can’t Call


Do you find yourself horny and wishing to connect with your Mistress but you are in a place where you must be quiet and can’t make a phone sex call? Sexting with one of our Sexy Texting Mistresses is just what you need!


SexyTexting Chat Sessions are $  per minute with a 10 minute minimum. Before purchasing your session, please check the Available Mistresses page to see who is available.

Once you decide which Mistress you’d like to chat with, please contact her via email or Skype (listed on her profile) to be sure she is available for a text session.

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