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Thinking about me, but can't call? Need to see how I am and what I am doing, but just can't get to the phone? Maybe you just want to play. A little ?nooner? at work? Bored at home? Can't get alone to get to the phone? Maybe you don't want to talk because you're a little shy. It's okay, I understand.

Regardless of the reason, texting with me is just what you need. I'm fun and creative, and just bad enough to make you wonder... what will she come up with next? And I love texting. It's a great easy quick way to stay connected. I love the idea of flirting with you anywhere, at any time. I'll make you literally laugh out loud... or even bite your lip.

Our texting sessions can be anything you want. We can play out fantasies. We can keep a conversation going from the night before. It can be a way for me to keep your mind off your daily life and on me... where it belongs.

Want more than just flirting and teasing? If you think you can handle it and you're a good little boy, I'll bring you into my world, fill you with all the details, driving you crazy til you explode and are left addicted and begging for more.

I'm waiting.



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Sexy Texting Chat Is Perfect For When You’re Horny But Can’t Call


Do you find yourself horny and wishing to connect with your Mistress? But you are in a place where you must be quiet and can’t make a phone sex call? Then Sexting with one of our Sexy Texting Mistresses is just what you need!


SexyTexting Chat Sessions are $  per minute with a 10 minute minimum. Before purchasing your session, please check the Available Mistresses page to see who is available.

Once you decide which Mistress you’d like to chat with, please contact her via email or Skype (listed on her profile) to be sure she is available for a text session.

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