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Sometimes words are better 'said' with our fingers. All great masterpieces started off on paper, didn't they? Sure they did, so let me get our masterpiece going...

I find it wonderful that when, for whatever, if you can't talk on the phone, we can still text instead. Be assured that my great conversational skills transcend to my written skills as well. I have a way with words that will make you tremble, and my imagination is at it's best when I can give a more thought-provoking text session. Trust me, whatever your desire is, my words can stand up to my voice. You will leave the session breathless and satisfied. Oh. And how cute it is to know that you are squirming on your chair, hanging on to every letter I type out. Wanting more and more and more. (Laugh) Well look at this: you are becoming my little word-whore, aren't you? Of course you are, boy.

You want me nestled in your brain, where I can linger hours after we have finished our session, and what better way than with a very personal written session between us both.

So whether you are shy, unable to talk or just simply enjoy wordplay, you will love engaging in a text session with me. I promise.