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At this moment you probably have something wild and crazy on your mind. You're ready to play and tell me your kinkiest desires. You're probably as hard as a rock and can't wait to express yourself. Or, maybe you just feel like chatting about random stuff. Either way there is just one problem, how can you hear my voice and talk to me when using the telephone just isn't an option?

I have a solution for you and it only takes a few minutes to get started. Being with me is only a click away, and soon we can explore all of your desires by sexy texting. Hearing me speak to you isn't going to happen this time. But my words are just as good if not better. By typing instead of talking I'm able to be even more creative and sexually descriptive. When you see words on a screen, your imagination is sparked and boundaries no longer exist as you become a part of a world without limits and with infinite possibilities. Anything goes, and anything can happen in cyber space.

Whatever it is you're doing, at this point you have nothing but space and opportunity. I'll have you moaning in no time and creaming all over your keyboard. I'll even watch you via Skype if you want.

Take off those pants and pull that hard cock from your underwear. Get ready for an explosion like never before. There's nothing like doing something behind closed doors and in silence to make the experience even more memorable. Soon enough my words will leave you helpless with cum covering your computer screen. Just don't forget to clean up the mess and return to your regular scheduled program after.