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I see you are trying to complete so many projects at work, delegate so many tasks. The sensation of the silk panties that I instructed you to wear are a constant reminder of your Mistress's demands. Maybe next time it's the Cock Ring. All that work, how do you get through your day and the exciting fear of being discovered when you relieve yourself in the facilities?

There you are, trying so desperately to hide the evidence, the silky evidence that rubs and hardens your throbbing member. I would suggest using the Bathroom Stall if you fear discovery. No more Urinals for you dear boy.

Your throbbing Cock reminds you all day of pleasing your Mistress and in your almost uncontrollable anticipation you text me. Beg me for direction. For a reward to pleasure your aching cock during your lunch break. To be able to describe your sensations, your desires, your restrictions.

There is a slim chance that I will allow you to rub one off at work dear Boy. Oh, no, no, no, I relish your longing and the pulsing heat of your cock straining against the restraints in your panties. You better have that Cock tied down or risk pitching a Cock Tent for all of your employee's or co-workers to see.

As you weaken, you at least know that you can Text me for disciplinary support and instruction for dealing with your "rigorous" work day.

You long for the release when you return home. The release from work. The release of pressure and the impending explosion that your Cock so desperately craves.

You text me once more and plead for release and wait writhing with desire on your bed. Minutes COULD turn into hours while you wait for my response.

Patience, patience, meat puppet.