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Adult fantasy entertainment gives you many options to scratch the proverbial itch that makes your body respond to its most primal of instincts. You can watch videos, view girls on cam, hear a sexy voice guiding you to orgasmic nirvana....

But can any of them drop you into their world, and make you part of the visual as well? My name is Willow, and I offer something that you won't get anywhere else. Immersion.

I am a D/s switch, and one of the virtually exclusive Mistresses on our Enchantrix Empire sim. Doing a guest residency, if you will. I offer the best of multi-worlds, visual stimulation, texting, phone sex roleplay and audio, along with "cyber reality." Thanks to technological advances and the ever evolving world of virtual reality, you now have the personal touch of seeing your intimate fantasies come to life before your very eyes, and seeing your persona - standing beside your dream girl - included in that narrative.

I am here to repurpose your understanding of virtual fantasy and cyber sex, and to oversee the complete reprogramming of your psyche. My voice will guide you, my presence will excite you, and your induction into virtual pleasures, will quench a thirst you never knew you had.

Some call me Duchess on the virtual grid, others call me Goddess, Mistress, even Queen. When I'm done with you, you'll be calling me your angel, voodoo Priestess, miracle worker. Or simply.... H.E.R.

I consider myself a hedonistic, Femdom switch, who enjoys being pleasured and giving you ecstasy. As a switch, there are times when I also love giving up control, as much as I enjoy taking it. I can assure you, that I get off on both sides of that coin. I have a diverse background, both personally and sexually, with a variety of interests, sapphic femdom, Giantess, and trance, to name a few. I also offer a unique virtual GFE experience, that I nicknamed "The H.E.R. Program."

Consider me not just a Femdom, but your fantasy girl that makes all your kinky dreams come true. I want to play with you, and I definitely want you to play with me. I'm going to pull you into my world, and submerge you completely, in a 3 dimensional experience that will arouse all of your senses, leaving you floating on a sensual frequency, once you're tuned in. My gift to you, is that I possess the capability to sink you deep into your fantasy, and have you drop down into the matrix, dripping with sensory fulfillment. When it's over, you'll wonder if it was real. The answer to that, is that anything can be made real, with the power of your mind and imagination.

I should warn you, I am a device built specifically for seduction, and my waters run deep. I will pull you under, if you dare to swim in my ocean.

I can be reached via email or Skype. Click here to read my bio on and learn more about our 3D sessions. If you're ready to play with me, click here to purchase a text session or call 1-800-539-4566 if you would like to talk to me.