Best Sexting Service at Your Fingertips!


LDW, hands down, quite literally, has the best Sexting Service available to those of you who crave kinky texting. Let me tell you why!


We Fucking Type Fast!

For any of you who have done sexting, you know that typing skills are of the utmost importance. You want someone who can bang out (so to speak) your commands or replies:

“Fuck yeah, sissy girl… you really do need to put more lipstick on before you suck that cock. You want it to glide down the shaft, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress”

“Good girl! Let me see what you look like. (Imagining, of course) Oh fuck, you sissy slut. NOW you are ready to take that cock deep into your pussy lips and give that man his pleasure.”

I typed that out in about 20 seconds.

Not everyone has been on the Internet for 26 years like I have, but I can guarantee you, our LDW Mistresses have some mad typing skills.


But We Are Patient if You Are a Slower Typist

If you worry we will be bored if you are a slow typist, you do not need to worry about that at all! We have infinite patience, do not judge or correct typos, do not worry about complete sentences… you write how you want to. If we do not understand, we can always ask.

Don’t be concerned if English is not your first language, either! We are glad to be patient as you find the words to use with us, whether with a translator or just remembering the right words to say.

You take your time. We are here for you.


We Honor Your Sexy Chat Time

With other companies, they try to drag out your time by taking a long time to answer your sexy texts. Here, we respect your hard-earned dollar as well as your time. If you paid for 10 minutes, we will maximize your time by replying to your erotic texting as quickly as possible.

Of course, there can be lag at times, but generally, the Net goes smoothly enough and you get your answers -or commands- in a timely manner.

When you have bought your time, however long it may be, as soon as our great Dispatchers relay the information to us, we can begin!

You don’t even have to call in to pay. We have our own special Sexy Texting site, thereby allowing you to stay as quiet as you need to be. Privacy is crucial, we know!


We Are Some Kinky Texting Bitches!

When you need a Mistress, either strict or sensual, we have a wide variety of choices for your hot sexting sessions. We can be quite naughty, even downright nasty, with your (legal) fantasies and desires.

“Get down between my ass cheeks, cunt. Open your mouth and service my sweet hole until I tell you to stop.”


“Oh, honey… I need some help down there. I am wanting some lovin’ between the cheeks of my bum. You’ll get right to that chore, won’t you?”

Several of us are writers, myself included, so adult texting can be deliciously fun and challenging… in a good way. We are able to stretch our imaginations and vocabularies in ways we aren’t always inclined to do on a phone sex call. It such a hoot to see how many ways we can say “Fuck” or “Dick” or “Sissy” in a hot sexting session. We’re up for the challenge!


Choices of Dirty Texting Platforms

As you know, there are several ways to do an adult sexting session. Some of the Mistresses do all of them. Some do some of them. Be sure to email your desired Mistress to find out which she prefers before paying for a session. Our email addresses are all basically the same:… mine would be

You can also contact the LDW Erotic Concierge to ask who does Sexy Texting; not everyone does, but most of us do. The platforms we are apt to use include:


Let’s text with each other! When privacy is at a premium or you cannot talk out loud, Sexting with our Sexy Texting Mistresses is definitely the way to go.




Do you find yourself horny and wishing to connect with your Mistress but you are in a place where you must be quiet and can’t make a phone sex call? Sexting with one of our Sexy Texting Mistresses is just what you need!


Sexting sessions are $ per minute with a 10 minute minimum. Before purchasing your session, please check the Available Mistresses page to see who is available.

Once you decide which Mistress you’d like to chat with, please contact her via email or Skype (listed on her profile) to be sure she is available for a text session.

Looking to connect with Mistresses and other like-minded individuals in a fun and playful way? You should check out our adult social network,





Got a few minutes of privacy or alone time available for an actual phone sex call? Check to see which Mistresses are available for a phone sex session.

Need help selecting just the right Mistress? Check out to be matched with just the right Mistress for you!