Virtual Role Play Lunch Date


by Ms. Scarlet of

Let’s have a virtual role play sex lunch date. Make sure you lock the door to your office and let your secretary know to hold all calls! I’ll meet you on Skype during your lunch break; right at noon. I’ll be there waiting for you. You can stay in your office; comfortable in your chair with your laptop or your cellphone.

All you need is a keyboard and a Skype connection for us to have a secret sex date. We can just type to one another or we can have voice interaction online if you prefer to hear my voice. If you’re feeling extra naughty; I can even watch you on cam while we play! I’ll make sure you go back to work feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and….quite possibly….released!


Your Naughty Secretary Role Play


I wonder what you’re hungry for today in our sexy texting live chat. Are you hoping I’ll be your naughty secretary coming in to ask for time off or perhaps I’m in need of a pay raise? I can be very convincing you know. I’m not sure you can resist my description of the clingy outfit and unbelievably sexy high heels I’m wearing at the office today.

I do give the most descriptive blow jobs imaginable; down on my knees while you sit in your big, leather office chair. If that’s not enough to entice you; I would be happy to service you right here on top of your desk! Surely you’ll give me everything I ask for, Sir.


Your Demanding Female Boss


Or are we going to have the fantasy we’ve had so many times in the past? You know; the one that gets me so hot I have to touch myself. The one where I’m the HBIC – the Head Bitch In Charge. You’ve been quite insubordinate lately and your weekly finance reports have been lacking. I think you and I need to have a little chat about your future here at the company.

I need to remind you who’s in charge. Do you think you can persuade me to keep you on my payroll? What do you have to offer your hot, female boss? I have some suggestions if you’re still standing there…….you could start by offering to worship my heels, my feet. Are your oral service skills better than your financial edge? I might like to find out. Let me see what you have to offer and I’ll decide if you should stay…or if you’re fired. You’d better get to work!


Role Play: Caught Masturbating!


Did I just walk in on you masturbating at your desk? What a perv! No, you can’t put your penis away. You have to continue to stroke for me while I watch. I do enjoy a bit of CFnm (clothed female naked male) here in the office. Will you be able to stay hard for me? To edge as many times as I ask? Now that I know your little secret; I intend to hold it over your head and take total advantage of you! What will I make you do for me? Who will I tell? This ‘caught in the act’ fantasy can go in so many directions; especially in a sexy texting chat!


Our Discreet Secret


Our sexy online rendezvous will be our little secret; kept away from any prying eyes and ears. We can chat openly and freely during our sexy texting skype session and you won’t have any worry about anyone knowing. We can take our time and you can talk to me about your day if you’d like; spend time together as friends or we can take it further and see where our conversation takes us. I’ll be right there with you the entire time; just you and me.


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SexyTexting sessions are $ per minute with a 10 minute minimum.