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Everyone else in the house asleep?
Wife doesn't know about your secret panty collection?
Need to keep your cock sucking fantasy hush-hush?
Working late at the office and can't get your sexy secretary out of your head?
Need to take your mistress along shopping with you?
Not able talk on the phone in the house?
Can't sneak out to the garage for too long, you'll arouse suspicion!
You crave a mistress to coax you, coerce you.
You need a strong woman to guide you to be your best self.
How can you do that discreetly?

I have the answer to your masturbation woes!

When you can't pay attention to the task at hand, and the thought of stroking for your Mistress consumes all your focus and concentration, a sexy texting session may just be the answer. Done correctly, it's going to look like you are just texting a friend on the phone in your hand, unless they notice your bulge or your blush.

I'm available when the house is too quiet to call in.
I'm available when you want to put on a show on Skype, but can't speak out loud.
I'm here when you need to take a girlfriend shopping for secret fun.
I'm also here for those times when you just need a firm hand to guide you, tease you, and maybe even deny you!!
When you need your Ms Stephanie fix, and can't manage a call, look me up on Skype or Yahoo messenger.
Let my words weave a web of kinky seduction perfect for the situation at hand.