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Imagination and creativity... Both are so very important when working to create a lush, vivid, and satisfying phone experience, and these two tools must be pushed to the absolute limits when engaging in a text session. The richer the imagination and wilder the creativity, the more elaborate and exciting becomes the scene that can unfold using only written word. Achieving such a goal requires expert manipulation of language, handling it as a pallette of deep, vibrant colors that blend into a blindingly erotic, uniquely exquisite masterpiece of penned titillation and tantalization.

Let not the challenge dismay you and lead you to believe texting simply cannot be as gratifying as hearing a sexy voice. Know with certainty that a steamy text session is an absolute reality. Very fortunately, you have stumbled upon your Mistress of Written Expression, who just happens to have an incredibly masterful and vividly descriptive way with the penned word. I will take your fantasy and use my texting talents and flair for intense detail to weave a deliciously naughty web of erotic delights, one from which you will find no easy escape.

Rest assured, my dears, that during a text session -as with my phone clients- you will receive the same unmatched level of professional care and one-on-one, undivided attention upon which I insist. Providing you with 100% of my focus is my highest priority, and you will receive just that with expedient and appropriate responses. Do not expect delays in my messages or simple, one-word replies, as that is not my style or the treatment you will get. You deserve the best -via phone or text session- and that is precisely what will be delivered to you during those times when texting is your most feasible option due to privacy, circumstance or convenience issues.

When you need to explore your wildest fantasies, share your dirty secrets, and/or be granted that earth-shattering release, but you simply cannot go for the phone, visit me, Mistress EmmaJane, here at www.sexytexting.com. It's so easy and convenient I know you'll be begging for more...