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Sex is all about the mind and so is control. It's easy to tell yourself it's about your body, but you know the truth. The real control is when a Mistress slips inside your mind and takes control of you cock. Our words control you. You may not realize this, but we don't need to hear your voice or use ours to reach out and grab those balls and pull you wherever we want you to go. The written word is just as powerful as those words that are spoken. When you read a book it can pull you in and that doesn't even have a real live Mistress writing it to you at the same time you are reading. Take a moment and just imagine it.

That is the beauty and power of Sexy Texting. It allows us to be instantly alone. You don't have to whisper or wait until the house is quiet. You just sit down in front of your computer and talk to me. There's no need to deny yourself what you know you want and need. Texting is so private you could be sitting in an airport on your laptop being very naughty with me?or maybe I'm sitting in an airport on mine. Makes it more exciting and even sexier, doesn?'t it? And don't worry, it'll be our dirty little secret, one stoke?.of the keys, at a time.

Contact me on messenger and I'll slip away and meet you in our own private room, where we can play together.