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Are you too shy to call? Maybe you are a little nervous? Or simply can't call right now? Have you always wanted to talk to me but you have no privacy? Well that is perfectly fine! Sexy texting may be just what you need! You can just simply send me a message to see if I'm available and once we connect you can share with me what type of naughty session you have in mind.

There is just something about sexy texting that feels like we have a secret just between us. It is so intimate and no one will know what we talk about, what arouses you or me. It's perfect. Like a dirty little secret kept in your back pocket. Anytime you feel the urge you just pull it out and I do mean your phone, tablet or laptop and send me a message to see if I am around to be there for you and your cock.

Honestly I think messaging is very sexy, seeing dirty messages from a guy that has been thinking about me all day and wanting me to lend him a hand (sort of). Craving me and wanting me to help satisfy his deepest desire. It turns me on so much to have a dirty little secret when my screen lights up. I know a good time is about to be had!

During our sexy texting time you get my undivided attention just as if we were on the phone. There are very few limitations when it comes to a sexy texting session so feel free to be explicit and graphic! This is a great way to get your kink on without making a peep and being found out!

Are you ready for your sexy texting session with Goddess Madison? Reach out to me on skype or via email and let's set up your hot session today!



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Sexting is Perfect for When You’re Horny but Can’t Call


Do you find yourself horny and wishing to connect with your Mistress but you are in a place where you must be quiet and can’t make a phone sex call? Sexting with one of our Sexy Texting Mistresses is just what you need!


Sexting sessions are $ per minute with a 10 minute limit. Before purchasing your session, please check the Available Mistresses page to see who is available.

Once you decide which Mistress you’d like to chat with, please contact her via email or Skype (listed on her profile) to be sure she is available for a text session.

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Looking for a Phone Sex Call instead of a Session with our Sexting Mistresses?


Got a few minutes of privacy or alone time available for an actual phone sex call? Check to see which Mistresses are available for a phone sex session.

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